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Bruce Willis is in the lounge behind us, gently explaining to a college girl how to play craps. We gobble on self-gratification like dogs on their own shit.” We soon head back to Keng Joo’s exclusive pool party where he talks in Malay with a short man in a tuxedo who I understand is his younger brother.The girl’s eyes are locked onto him and she laughs nervously every time he shows her something new. The two of them are eating Wagyu sirloins the casino’s chef imports from the Liverpool Plains in Australia. By the pool, an attractive UCLA biomedical physics student tries explaining circular dichroism and angular momentum to a perplexed man in swim shorts.On the seat near mine, Ralph Molina, a hedge fund manager and an investor in some of Keng Joo’s ventures, is debating another guest on the value of entertainment. “We’re a nation whose success is based on how hard we party. An older woman in a flashy bikini complains that a local lady kicked her out of a blackjack game because she thought she was ruining the flow of cards.A man in swim shorts brags about the costly signature cocktails he had at the XS club.

Upon reaching the edge of the canyon, the South Rim gently drops away as the North Rim and eastern end of the canyon come into view - one of the most spectacular views in the entire canyon.The personnel from this 4,000-room hotel know him well.He has a reputation for being an extremely generous tipper and for throwing legendary multi-day events.“I killed it at poker and lost everything at baccarat,” replies a third. From waiter to group manager to special events assistant, Paul has worked almost every entry-level job at the resort. An elderly gambler soiled himself while playing slots and flung feces at a group of bachelorettes.He knows a lot about the casino’s inner workings and asked that his full name not appear in this story for fear of reprisal from his employer. A guest wouldn’t believe snorting cocaine in the reception area was illegal.

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God, the glitter.” Keng Joo always books the same 2,000-square-foot, $5,000-a-night penthouse on the top floor.